At CanadaVet we're all about saving pet owners money and helping them care for their pets better.

As part of this we've launched our Member Benefits pages giving CanadaVet customers information about, or  links to, freebies, offers, specials and other websites we think might be of interest to our members on our member benefit pages (Member Benefits).  

It doesn't cost you anything to be part of our member benefits program and you're not obliged to take up any member benefits.  All you need to do is visit our  Member Benefit Pages and if you see something you like, click on the link for more information.

At the moment our Member Benefits program is in Beta Testing so apologize in advance that we don't yet have a full range of member benefits and for any issues or problems you might experience.  Please subscribe to our newsletter to be kept up to date.

Member Benefits T&Cs

We reserve the right to add to, remove or cancel any Member Benefit at any time. 

The person, company or website offering the Member Benefit (the Member Benefit Provider) is a third party not related to CanadaVet and we accept no responsibility or liability for any failure by the Member Benefit Provider to provide the Member Benefit or if the Member Benefit is not as described.  Any contract or other arrangement in relation to the Member Benefit is between you and the Member Benefit Provider and you should refer all questions about a Member Benefit or the goods or services associated with it directly to the Member Benefit Provider. 

Normally you can claim a Member Benefit simply by clicking the link on our Member Benefit pages or taking the action set out on our Member Benefit Page. However sometimes the Member Benefit Provider may require you to prove you are a  member of CanadaVet (ie. you have a registered account and are in good standing with us) and you authorise us to provide such confirmation to the Member Benefit Provider on request. We will not however provide your contact details or any personal information to any Member Benefit Provider without your permission. 

You may need to quote a coupon code during checkout. If the coupon code doesn't work or you have any questions about it, please contact the Member Benefit Provider as we are unable to assist with coupon issues.

You are not obliged to take up any of these Member Benefits and it costs you nothing to take advantage of the Member Benefits. However you may be be obliged to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter to take some other action as required by the Member Benefit Provider to take full advantage of the Member Benefit.  For example if the Member Benefit is 10% off widgets at, you will need to give your details and make a purchase from to claim the benefit.

You acknowledge that we or the Member Benefit Provider may offer the same or other benefits, offers, deals or discounts to others who are not CanadaVet Members and the Member Benefits may or may not be exclusive.

You acknowledge and agree that we may receive some commission, fee or other reward in connection with you taking up a Member Benefit from the Member Benefit Advertiser.