All the products we sell are official versions manufactured by the same manufacturer who makes the equivalent product for the USA/Canada.

For example all Frontline Plus is made by Meria/Boeringer Ingelheiml in France and then stamped with the appropriate regulatory information depending on which market it is being sold in. The US version has FDA approved packaging while, for example the Canadian version has it's own regulating authorities approved packaging.

Recently some US based pet product suppliers have imported product from outside of the USA for sale in the USA. Some unscrupulous vendors have had the packaging modified to resemble the USA version of the products, to pass them off as the local version of the product. This is not legal. The EPA classifies such product as counterfeit and are trying to stop this practice.

CanadaVet does not do this and does not condone this practice. We are able to provide on our site the Frontline Plus made by the same manufacturers in the same factories as that sold in the USA, but as we are based outside the USA, all products we sell have international packaging. We purchase directly from the wholesalers which Merial have authorized to distribute their product for them in this country. Customers in the USA are able to purchase these products from us and use these products on their own pets.

The advantage to you of purchasing your Frontline Plus from us is that these products are effectively exactly the same as those you purchase locally in the USA but you can save a great deal of money! Due to the strength of the US dollar we are able to sell these products a lot cheaper than you could otherwise purchase them in the USA. The international versions of the EPA and FDA are equally as strict as their counterparts in the USA. 

The instructions for use and safety directions are in English, the color coding of the pack sizes are the same as in the USA but you should note that the sizes are written in the metric system and care should be taken that the appropriate dose is given.