When CanadaVet was founded in 2005, it was established to supply Canadian sourced pet products to US based customers. At the time, certain government restrictions made it difficult for us to sell online to Canadians. Since 2005, we're proud of the dozens of Canadian jobs we've created and supported. We've now expanded and become a global company and source and ship products from all of the world. This is how we keep our prices so low!

Do you ship to Canadian addresses?

CanadaVet is happy to ship orders to Canadian addresses, and we have many thousands of happy Canadian based customers. Please note that to keep our prices low, now almost all of the products we sell are shipped from outside Canada.

Shipping and tax information for Canadian addresses

If you are using a Canadian delivery address, please note these important points:

Remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all relevant laws in relation to any products you purchase. We accept no responsibility if your order is stopped and destroyed, delayed or returned by a government authority. This falls outside our delivery guarantee and you are responsible for all costs involved.  

Most of our orders to Canadian addresses do not have any issues and don't have any additional charges applied, however we want you to know of the possibility, so you can take this in to account when ordering from us.

Can I shop your website in Canadian Dollars?

Yes you can! You can shop CanadaVet.com in either US dollars or Canadian Dollars. Simply select Canadian Dollars as your preferred currency in the drop down box on the left hand side of the page, and all prices will appear in CAD$ and your card or paypal account will be charged in CAD$. For more info, click here.