As our products are shipped from outside the North America (to keep our prices down) most packages will arrive from 10-16 days from the time of shipment. However many of our customers in the US and Canada find that their order arrives in much less time (usually 7 to 10 days, but sometimes even less). In some case packages will be held up at US or Canadian customs for up to 28 days. Your order will be delivered by the US Postal Service/Canada Post, so shipping time can vary depending on their volume. 

Our 28 day delivery guarantee does not apply to deliveries delayed due to  significant strike action, bad weather or other factors outside our control which delay the postal service or if you fail to give us a full and correct delivery address.  

Actual delivery time depends on a number of factors including the amount of mail the post office has to process at the time and whether or not you live in a metropolitan area.

Covid 19 Delivery Guarantee Notice: The terms and conditions of our delivery guarantee specifically exclude delays to the postal service which are outside our control and the current Covid 19 Pandemic falls within that exclusion.  Given the unprecedented delays to delivery the Pandemic has caused, you may need to allow up to 45 days for your order to be delivered and our delivery guarantee will not apply and no refunds or reships will be given until that 45 day period has passed.